The Masive-Holz-Mauer® technology was developed in Germany in 2004. Since then, it has existed in more than a dozen factories in Europe. To date, over 5,000 buildings have been completed. It represents contemporary building thinking based on simple, well-known materials, shortening the construction time and obtaining a durable building that allows for the realization of the boldest architectural visions.

The production works are carried out using the very latest 3D BIM CAD software. From design plans created by the architect or structural timber planner, the MHM manufacturer produces the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® wall elements using high-precision CNC machine tools. The tolerances are no more than +/- 3 mm. Slopes, door and window cut-outs, wiring/plumbing chases, etc. are accurately cut/machined. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to a high level of fit accuracy according to 3D CAD plans simplifies subsequent assembly on site.

The MHM wall elements consist of softwood boards that are joined with aluminum grooved pins to form a multi-layer solid wood panel (element in the form of a solid wood panel). Adjacent layers of softwood boards are arranged substantially perpendicular to each other (angle 90°). Individual boards can be connected longitudinally using finger joints in accordance with EN 14080.

The production process of MHM walls is divided into two stages: design and production.
Design stage:

I – Wall quads – based on architectural design (including construction and installation)
II – Transfer of the project to the DeDietrich software – project entry in CAD3D
III – Programming the production line – along with the optimization of the use of building materials
IV – Preparation of the installation project – takes into account the order of installation, available equipment, selection of installation elements, BIOZ recommendations.

Production stage:

V – Grooving and truing up of raw elements
VI – Semi-finished wall elements production from profiled boards – sizes from 2 m x 2 m up to 2.96 m x 6 m – the ‘‘wall master’’ machine creates the elements in which the boards are pressed together with alternate layers running cross-wise to each other (lengthways and across) and joined, layer by layer, by aluminium grooved pins
VII – Formatting, milling and drilling hols – in the portal machining center placed on the production line – in the computer-controlled manner, window openings are cut out, holes for transportation, slots and chases for heating, sanitary and electrical installations are milled
VIII – Control of the finished elements, edges protection with windproof membrane, preparation for transport.