The production works are carried out using the very latest 3D BIM CAD software. From design plans created by the architect or structural timber planner, the manufacturer produces the DREAM ART HOME® ceiling elements using high-precision CNC machine tools.

The production process of ceilings is divided into two stages: design and production.

Design stage:

I – Ceiling quads – based on architectural design (including construction and installation)
II – Transfer of the project to the DeDietrich software – project entry in CAD3D
III – Programming the production line – along with the optimization of the use of building materials
IV – Preparation of the installation project – takes into account the order of installation, available equipment, selection of installation elements, BIOZ recommendations.

Production stage:

IV – Planing and milling of boards
VI – Joining and profiling of boards in the micro-fingered station – height 16 to 22 cm
VII – Cutting to the appropriate length – up to 10.80 m
VIII – Execution of the ceiling slab – layering, pressing, connecting with wooden pegs – width up to 100 cm
IX – Control of the finished elements, preparation for transport.